Shadle Park hosted over 30 schools for the Highlander Invitational on Saturday.  The course is 2.5 miles
in length and relatively flat.  There were seven races altogether.  The boys ran in races by grade and the
girls ran in the usual JV and varsity format.  The Flathead girls easily won the girls' varsity competition with
good score of 68 points. Mt. Spokane followed in 146 points and Lewis and Clark placed third with 167 points.
After Zoe, the next four Flathead girls were only 36 seconds apart. Zoe is the first girls to run under 14:00 on 
the Shadle Park course.  Her time of 13:52 was 48 seconds faster than Jamie Geiss from Mead who placed 

Flathead times and places:
1st Zoe Nelson 13:52
10th Carly Brown 15:26
11th Krista Jimenez 15:26
18th Andrea Foot 15:43
28th Erin Windauer 16:02
30th Brittany Berger 16:10
50th Riata Booky 16:36

The JV girls from Flathead remain undefeated by narrowly defeating University High School from Spokane 
by one point. Flathead finished with 52 points, University 53 points and in third Ike with 116 points.  Freshman
Elizabeth Myers of Flathead ran side by side with Samantha Dahlstron of Ike but was outkicked in the last 100
yards. Elizabeth did run fast enough to move up to varsity by running one second faster than fellow
freshman Riata Booky.
Flathead Times and Places
2nd Elizabeth Myers 16:35
3rd Amy Donat 16:49
5th Kayla Steller 17:09
9th Jessica Schlagenhaufer 17:21
33rd Shaina Funke 18:05
34th Lucy Beard 18:06
63rd Kaimee Clark19:07

The Flathead freshman boys also came away with a team championship.  They scored 56 points followed
by Mt. Spokane with 91 points.  Elliott Welder may have gone out a little fast (5:09 first mile) but hung
in there for a third place.  In the boys' races the top 4 finishers score.
Flathead Times and Places:
3rd Elliott Welder 13:53
11th Sean Clark 14:36
17th Alex Cox 14:46
25th Dan Windauer 15:12
35th Andy Gross 15:24
42nd Sean Mahon 15:35
71st John Fairweather 16:37

The sophomore boys placed 7th with Blake Webber finishing in 20th for the top Flathead runner.
Flathead Times and Places:
20th Blake Webber 14:18
28th Ross VanBrunt 14:26
44th Tyler Barth 14:45
57th Tyler Brown 15:10
81st Jordan Treece 15:50
88th Jeff Bartels 15:59
91st Jared Schroeder 16:06

The junior Boys placed 5th led by Matt Parker who placed 3rd. 
Flathead Times and Places:
3rd Matt Parker 12:58
23rd Jake Grilley 13:48
29th Dan Doepker 14:01
82nd Jackson Palmer 15:12
93rd Caleb Stanton 15:38
101st Charlie Blaney 15:45
The senior boys placed 5th led by Caleb Ambrose who placed 3rd.
Flathead Times and Places:
3rd Caleb Ambrose 12:36
12th Nick Palmer 13:30
14th Brian Thorne 13:37
73rd Zach Lorenz 15:05